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PEMSoft - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PEMSoft?

PEMSoft is a worldwide medical reference system, online clinical library and multimedia decision support system addressing acute and chronic illness and injury conditions in children from newborn to young adult. Content is designed for rapid clinical decision-making at the point of care.

PEMSoft's navigational approach and search functionality allow the clinician to search and find helpful information quickly. PEMSoft includes more than 900 topics, 2,750 proprietary high-quality medical images and more than 120 short videos.

Q. Does PEMSoft include Multimedia?

PEMSoft includes a Multimedia Library consisting of images, illustrations, slideshows, videos, and radiographs, including ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs and CTs. A camera icon camera icon indicates that multimedia content is available within a PEMSoft topic. Click on the icon to view the related multimedia.

Q. What Modules does PEMSoft Include?

In addition to searching and browsing for content, PEMSoft also includes:

  • Resus Tools - a length, age or weight-based pediatric resuscitation calculator for instantaneous drug dosing and equipment sizing.

  • Calculator Module - an interactive archive of key clinical equations and scores useful for diagnosis and treatment in emergency pediatrics.

  • Signs & Symptoms - provides problem-oriented navigation across PEMSoft content.

  • Formulary - provides basic information for more than 200 pediatric emergency drugs.

  • Procedures - provides written and often visual instruction on common minor surgical interventions.

  • Quick Reference - provides normative values, safety information and basic chemistry and physiology for acid base balance, respiration, nutrition, and fluids, etc.

  • Triage - assists to standardize the pediatric triage process in the Emergency Department (ED) by describing how to segregate patients into five levels of severity for common ED presentations.

  • Toxicology - provides basic information on common childhood poisonings, inhalations and ingestions.


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