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Option Grid Decision Aids - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Option Grid™ Decision Aids?

EBSCO Health Option Grid™ Decision Aids are brief, easy-to-read tools to help patients and healthcare professionals compare options. Brief enough to use in the clinic visit, the decision aids provide evidence-based answers to questions that patients frequently ask. The decision aids help patients share what matters most to them, enhancing communication and shared decision making. Option Grid Decision Aids are interactive and customizable. They enable a tailored presentation of the healthcare options most relevant to the patient. For select topics, risk information can be personalized to the patient's age, gender, or other relevant medical information.

A growing body of research evidence indicates that Option Grid Decision Aids:

  • Facilitate shared decision making in clinical encounters
  • Lead to increases in patient knowledge
  • Appear to have minimal effect on encounter length

See a full list of research findings here.


Q. How do I allow access through firewalls, proxy servers, caching servers, filtering software and other security features for Option Grid Decision Aids?

Please see the following FAQ for domains and IP addresses you will need to allow to access Option Grid Decision Aids: EBSCO IPs and Domains for Firewalls, Proxy Servers, and Whitelists.


Q. How do I access Option Grid Decision Aids?

Your EBSCO sales representative will provide you with a customized Option Grid URL for your institution.


Q. How can I contact support for Option Grid Decision Aids?

Contact support at


Q. How do I request a trial for Option Grid Decision Aids?

Request a trial for Option Grid Decision Aids by contacting your EBSCO sales representative at

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