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Setting up On The Shelf (OTS) for NoveList Products

Follow these steps to enable On The Shelf in your library's NoveList, NoveList Select, and/or LibraryAware accounts:

  1. Choose your vendor to learn about the current status for the vendor/ILS and review the information that the NoveList Select support team will need.
    If your vendor is not listed, please contact NoveList Select support at
  2. Once you have the necessary information, please email us at with a subject of “OTS Configuration - <your ILS> - <your library name>.” Contact us at if you need any assistance with this.  We will guide your through this process.
  3. The NoveList Support team will handle the connection and work with you to complete the setup. 

We are only aware of an available web services API for the ILS vendors listed.  If you know that an API is available for an ILS vendor, feel free to contact us at  If the API is available, then some work may be required of our Support team, before you can be configured with the OTS feature.