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SimplyE ILS Export

The NoveList integration with SimplyE requires that you:

  1. Submit a request to NoveList for unique profile credentials  related to SimplyE
  2. Send an ILS export containing only e-book and e-audiobook ISBNs. We can accept either a simple list of ISBNs or the expanded export used for other NoveList integrations, limited to electronic-only content.

To get started, contact NoveList Support at, using the following subject line and email body:

Subject: Request for NoveList Select for SimplyE Credentials

Email Body: We are requesting NoveList Select for SimplyE credentials for <Library Name>. Our EBSCO CustID is: <CustID (if known)>. We currently have an active subscription to NoveList Select for Catalog.

Our support team will send you more information on the export file that you need for setup, with instructions to send the file to us for processing. Once our team receives an initial export, they will provide your profile credentials for NoveList Select for SimplyE.