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Once I've purchased NoveList Select for Self-Checkout, how do I get started?

You will need to work with your current self-checkout machine vendor to set up NoveList Select for Self-checkout.

Your self-checkout machine vendor will work with you to get a unique local collection export that is required for configuration. The export will need to contain:

  • ISBN (in 13-digit form, if possible)
  • Item ID (may also be referred to as barcode id or inventory id)
  • Item CallNo (call number)
  • BibRecord ID (may be referred to as control number or control identifier)
  • Title

Export specifications:

  1. You will want your export to be in the order above and to include a header, using the with values "isbn," "itemid," "bibrecordcallno," "bibrecordid," and "title" (do not include quotation marks).  If you cannot export in the above order, the header will allow us to process the file.
  2. The file should be tab delimited (other characters could be in the title field and interfere with processing).
  3. Make sure you get a record for every ISBN in the Bib Record and all of the Item IDs that map to those ISBNs.  For example, a book record with 2 distinct ISBNs for which there are 5 items (5 Item IDs), should result in 10 export records.
  4. ISBNs should be in 13-digit format.  If this is not possible, we can handle the conversion and remove the duplicates.
  5. It is expected that certain fields, such as ISBN or Item ID, will be repeated in your export.
  6. You can omit any Item ID that does not have an ISBN associated with it.
  7. You may have records where Call Number is an empty field.  You can leave this field empty or mark as "null."
  8. Only include one ISBN/Item ID per line.
  9. In your export, please include both MARC fields 020$a and 020$z.
  10. The BibRecord ID field allows patrons to place holds.