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Upgrading to the latest version of NoveList Select

A new version of NoveList Select is now available. The new version has lots more visual appeal, an interactive story mixer, and more.

See a preview of the new version.


It’s easy to switch
  1. Send an email to with a subject of “Please upgrade our NoveList Select”. Ideally this request should come from your account administrator.
  2. In the email, please indicate whether you are ready for us to make the switch immediately or if you’d prefer to see a preview first.
  3. We’ll respond with a confirmation and/or request to schedule a preview. If you request a preview, switches may take a few weeks. You can also view a recorded preview.
Things to know before you switch
  • Not all sections of NoveList Select will be immediately available. We’ll be continuing to add new elements and sections in the upcoming months. See the list below of the completed sections.
  • Your usage stats WILL be different and may not include all the same elements that you had before. For example, there won’t be a measure for “Reason why” because users no longer have to click to see that valuable information.
  • This switch only impacts integrations using our javascript API. This is MOST integrations. But if you’re not sure, just ask and we’ll let you know if it applies to you.
  • Custom configurations/changes are NOT available in this release.
Select_StoryElementsSectionUpgrade.pngCompleted sections that are ready now:
  1. Books in this series
  2. Read-alikes (titles, authors, series)
  3. Story elements/mixer (with interactive, multi-select functionality)
  4. Reader reviews from Goodreads
  5. Reading levels from Lexile
  6. Related newsletters
  7. Related promotions
  8. Award lists from NoveList
  9. Related lists from NoveList
  10. Related articles from NoveList
  11. Related e-resources
  12. Optional upgrades (professional reviews, excerpts, summary, etc.)
Sections that are not ready yet:
  1. On the Shelf (OTS)
  2. Link to NoveList

Questions? Email us at