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Support - EBSCO Help

What information does NoveList need from us to set up Linked Library Service?

When you purchase Linked Library Service, you will need to provide the NoveList Support team with the following information:

  1. Your IT Support will need to make a simple DNS change.
  2. A full MARC XML export in UTF-8 format. If you can only provide a MARC 21 export, we can convert it to the needed format.
  3. Answers to the following required questions:
    • What field shows location info, or the branch where the copy is held, in the holdings data (e.g., 966$f)?
      • What is the mapping for location-code to human name for above field (e.g., "Dur" means "Durham Branch Library")
      • If you have a location code for "all locations," what is that code?
    • Does your OPAC/Discovery Layer have a location identifier in the URL?
      • If so, what is the syntax format? For example, the location identifier is "Dur" in this URL:
    • What field (e.g., 001, 999, 035) shows the RecordID (ILS Control number)?
    • What is the URL syntax to get to a direct record (via RecordID) in your OPAC/Discovery layer?
      • For example, the record id is 2162788 in this URL:
    • What vendor do you use for cover art (e.g.,Content Café, Syndetics, etc.)?
  4. The following optional information:
    • Each system’s social links:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • Youtube
    • Any desired “quick links” to highlight specific web pages, for example:
      • Calendar of events
      • E-resources
    • Each location's hours
    • Each location's latitude/longitude
    • Each location's phone number
    • Each location's website URL