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How do I create an embeddable book list using my linked data?

Use Linked Data to add embedded book lists to your website or blog. For example, you can add carousels of popular series or authors, books on popular genres, NoveList read-alikes, or books that match one of NoveList's appeal terms.

  1. Once you navigate to a book record or a resource, look for the Embed link under a carousel of books.
  2. Click the Embed link.

  3. Select your widget options:
    • Check the “Embed this data in a secure (HTTPS) page” box, if you are planning to use the widget on a secure site.
    • Select your layout. The code below and the preview on the right will update with your selection.

    • Uncheck "Include data citation" if you want to remove the citation below the book list.
  4. Copy the code from the left side of the window and add it to the source code for your web site. Make sure to edit the code to adjust the width and height to fit your site requirements.


Watch our video tutorial on embedding book lists from your linked data: