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NoveList Plus - Using Mobile

Accessing NoveList Plus Mobile

You can access the mobile version of your library’s Select Service page by visiting one of the following websites:

You will be able to choose NoveList Mobile from either URL. All of your library’s EBSCOhost and NoveList authentication options apply, including you User ID/Password or library card number. Please contact your library staff if you need assistance accessing the mobile interface.

Using NoveList Plus Mobile

Once you have successfully accessed the mobile interface, you will be able to search the complete NoveList Plus database for your favorite books, series, and authors.

Viewing Results

Unlike the Result List in NoveList Plus, in which results are grouped into separate Books, Series, Authors, and Lists & Articles tabs, the Mobile Result List will group all of this information together.

Limiting Your Result List

You can limit your results after conducting your search by clicking the Search Options link beneath the Search box or at the bottom of your Result List. Click Search again to pull up a new Result List.

Change Views

Like NoveList Plus, the Mobile version allows you to change the format in which your Result List is displayed. From the Preferences screen, choose from Standard, Title Only, Brief, or Detailed View. From here, you can also choose to display five or ten items per page in your Result List. Click Save when you have made your selection.

E-mail Results

You can E-mail your Result List or any Detail Record to colleagues, patrons, or yourself for future reference. Simply click the E-mail Results icon above your Result List or the envelope icon at the top of a Detail page. Both will direct you to a page where you can enter the address(es) to which you would like to send the E-mail, a Subject, and any additional Comments for the recipient.