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NoveList - Basic Search

How does the Basic Search work?

You can use the Basic Search box at the top of each page to search for a title, author, series, or topic. When you use the default Keyword option from the drop-down menu, NoveList will search for your terms in the full text of all NoveList content, including annotations, reviews, and NoveList articles and lists

You can conduct a more focused search by selecting the Title, Author, Series, or Narrator (in NoveList Plus) options from the drop-down menu.

Sample Searches Using the Basic Search

Searching for books by an author:
Because the Basic Search box searches the full text of reviews and articles, NoveList will search for all instances of the author’s name when you enter it in the Basic Search with the default Keyword option selected. From the Author tab of your Result List, you can click on an Author link to access the Author Detail page.  From the Author tab, you will also be able to access the Detail pages for any pseudonyms that the author uses.

If you enter an author name in the search box and select Author from the search options drop-down menu, NoveList will ONLY search the Author Detail pages. An exact match will take you directly to that Detail page.  

At the Author Detail page, you will find all books by the author, all series by the author (when applicable), all NoveList content about that author, and author to author recommendations when available.

Example #1: Type Barbara Kingsolver in the Basic Search box and click Search (using the default Keyword option). The Result List will default to show the Books tab which includes her books and books about her. You will also see an Audiobooks tab (in NoveList Plus), a Series tab, an Author tab, and a Lists & Articles tab. The Author tab will have a link to the Barbara Kingsolver Detail page.

If you type Barbara Kingsolver in the Basic Search and select the Author option from the drop-down menu, you will be taken directly to the Detail page because there is only one match for your search.

Example #2: To find titles by an author written under a pseudonym, type their name, e.g. Nora Roberts, in the Search box, select the Keyword option, and click Search. The Author tab of your Result List will display links to the Detail page for Nora Roberts and her pseudonym J.D. Robb.

Searching for books with certain plot characteristics:
In NoveList, you can search for books with certain plot characteristics using the Keyword option from the drop-down menu at the Basic Search box.

Example: A patron wants to reread a book, but can’t remember the author or the title. It’s about a boy who lives on his grandfather’s farm. The grandfather will have to sell the farm if he can’t raise a lot of money, fast. The boy enters a dogsled race to help raise the money.

In the Basic Search box with Keyword selected from the drop-down, enter the words: boy grandfather farm dogsled race, and click Search to find the title Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner.

Search for a series:
You can search for a series from the Basic Search box by entering a series name and selecting the Series option from the search options drop-down menu. An exact match will take you to the Series Detail page, which includes a list of all of the titles in reading order. If multiple series match your search, they will be listed under the Series tab of your Result List, where you can click on the link to the Series Detail page.

Additional Notes on the Basic Search:

  • Using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) can help you narrow your search.