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Training Materials

Search Strategies

NoveList's Search Strategy handouts help you tackle your challenging reader questions and library scenarios.  In each of NoveList's search strategies, we present a common scenario that you face as a librarian, reader, or parent, and offer several ways to use NoveList to find the books you need.

See a list of NoveList Search Strategies in the NoveList Idea Center.

Search Strategies are available for the following topics:

  • Finding books for readers in Australia & New Zealand
  • Using NoveList for Book Club Helpers
  • Using NoveList to Support Your Summer Reading
  • Exploring Books by Culture
  • Finding Books for Storytime
  • Search for Books for Tweens
  • Finding Books with Diverse Characters
  • Finding Audiobooks for Every Listener
  • Finding Books and Resources for Common Core
  • Finding Books for Your Canadian Readers
  • Finding Graphic Novels
  • Finding Read-alikes
  • Finding the Right Romance
  • Searching for Gentle Reads
  • Finding "Just Right" Books
  • Speed Search NoveList Using Field Codes
Scavenger Hunts

Looking for a fun way to acclimate your students to NoveList Plus? Students will enjoy these Scavenger Hunt exercises that will have them exploring various features, discovering research topics, and conducting online searches. 

Find more training materials at the NoveList Idea Center, including: