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What is the correct syntax for a NoveList Persistent Link?

Persistent links in NoveList are constructed in the same way as EBSCOhost persistent links.

Note the following database abbreviations (db=) for the NoveList products:

NoveList (db=noh)
NoveList Plus (db=neh)
NoveList K-8 (db=nnh)
NoveList K-8 Plus (db=njh)

NoveList Persistent Link examples:

Persistent Link to detail record for Michael Crichton’s The Lost World:

The accession number (an) is displayed on the book detail record at the bottom of the "More About This Book" tab, as TID: 022232.

Persistent Link to all of Michael Crichton’s works:,+michael)


Note: Your browser may need you to use “%20” instead of plus signs in the URL.

Persistent Link to the Book Discussion Guide for Caramelo:

Persistent Link to all of the Book Discussion Guides contributed by Michael Jenkins:, Michael)