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How do I setup dynamic (persistent) linking from my library catalog into NoveList?

The NoveList database supports persistent links – so most library automation systems can construct a URL to perform a search in NoveList for ISBN numbers or title/author metadata. Currently, Polaris, SirsiDynix, and Innovative Interfaces Inc. support this type of linking.

Below is the URL syntax that you will need to use within your library catalog to launch a search into NoveList. Please note that some parts of this URL may be hard-coded within your catalog module so you may need to contact your catalog provider for help in implementing this feature.

URL syntax for ISBN number:,cookie,cpid&custid=CUSTID&site=novelist-live&scope=site&direct=true&bquery=IB+9780397001514

URL syntax for title/author search:,cookie,cpid&custid=CUSTID&site=novelist-live&scope=site&direct=true&bquery=painted+veil+and+Maugham%2c+Somerset

Site options: site= is the parameter used to specify an interface. Please use the values listed below for your subscribed database.

NoveList: site=novelist-live
NoveList K-8: site=novelistk8-live
NoveList Plus: site=novp-live
NoveList K-8 Plus: site=novpk8-live

Authentication options: authtype= is the parameter that allows you to set your authentication methods in order by URL. If you are using library bar code authentication (cpid), please replace CUSTID with your EBSCOhost custid value in the URL. If you are not using cpid, we recommend using &authtype=ip,cookie,uid and leaving off the &custid=parameter.