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How can I connect NoveList with my catalog and/or my library’s collection?

There are three ways that you can connect NoveList to your library’s catalog:

Add a link to your catalog
Display your local collection
Set up On The Shelf (OTS)

Add a link to your catalog

In NoveList, you can display a link to your library catalog to make it easy for patrons to access to your library’s collection. Catalog links will display for the titles listed in your Result List and at the detailed page for all books.


Clicking on the catalog link from a book in NoveList will open your library catalog and conduct a title and author search.

To set up catalog linking for your library, contact us using the Feedback link in NoveList or send us an email to

Display your local collection

The Local Collection feature can be used to identify which titles are held by your library, from within NoveList.  Once your local collection is set up, you can display messages to indicate whether or not a title is held by your library, and set up an Advanced Search limiter to only display the books in your library’s collection. If you also have catalog linking set up, you can choose to only display catalog links for those titles in your collection. Note that to accurately represent the library’s holdings, ISBNs for locally-owned titles should be regularly uploaded.


To set up the local collection feature for your library, contact us using the Feedback link in NoveList or send us an email to

On The Shelf (OTS)

On The Shelf (OTS) provides real-time availability information directly in NoveList.  Not only will you be able to see that the library has a title, but you will see whether the title is available for check out and which formats are available.

Result List view:

Detailed Record view:

See more information on OTS, including steps and contact information to set up this feature.