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How do I search NoveList for authors of a particular nationality or cultural identity, such as African-American?

In NoveList, you can limit your search to authors of particular ethnic, cultural or national groups, like African-American authors.

From the Advanced Search (accessible from the link on the homepage), enter your search terms and then, under the Limit Your Results section, make a selection from the Author's Cultural Identity limiter.  You can also perform an Advanced Search for all books by these authors, by omitting your search terms and just selecting the limiter. Click the Search button to search the database for these authors.  Note that this author information is not available for all authors.

You can also use the Author's Nationality limiter to search by a country name, to find all authors that claim nationality, currently live, or have lived for a significant time in that country.

For more information about these limiters, see the Limiters page in the NoveList Help.