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How can I view and print out a list of books by author or in a series?

To view all of the titles by an author in NoveList, first conduct a targeted search by entering the name in the search box, selecting Author from the drop-down menu of search options, and clicking Search. If you are not taken directly to the author detail page, click on the link from the Authors tab of the Result List. The default Books tab at the bottom of the author detail page will display a complete list of this author’s work. Select the view that you would like to print, i.e. Grid, Compact, Brief, or Detailed. You then have two choices for what to print:

  • The “Print” icon above the basic author information: Clicking this icon will print the basic information displayed at the top of the author record and the books by the author in the view selected.
  • The “Print” icon at the top of the Books tab: ONLY the titles by the author will print, WITHOUT the above information.  

Similarly, you can conduct a series search to access the series detail page. Under the default Books tab, you’ll find the complete list of titles in reading order. Select the view you’d like to print, and click the “Print” icon at the top of the page to include the basic series information or use the Print icon at the top of the Books tab to print ONLY the books in the series.

Remember, using the Print icon at the top of the page prints “what you see.” This means that it will print the basic information and whatever is in the active tab below that information, in the view shown. If you happen to have the “More About this Author” tab open instead of the “Books” tab, it will print the content of the former.