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How do I set up linking from my Polaris library catalog into NoveList?

Please see the following URL values that will need to be entered into the Polaris module to launch an ISBN search into NoveList:

URL prefix (before author & title):,cookie,cpid&custid=CUSTID&site=novelist-live&direct=true&bquery=

URL suffix: 

Site options:  site= is the parameter used to specify a specific interface

NoveList:  site=novelist-live
NoveList K-8:  site=novelistk8-live
NoveList Plus:  site=novp-live
NoveList K-8 Plus:  site=novpk8-live

Authentication options: authtype= is the parameter that allows you to set your authentication methods in order by URL. If you are using library bar code authentication (cpid), please replace CUSTID with your EBSCOhost custid value in the URL. If you are not using cpid, we recommend using &authtype=ip,cookie,uid and leaving off the &custid=parameter.


Note: Polaris removed this functionality with Polaris version 5.1.

  • If you are a NoveList Select customer, we would be happy to add a “Link to NoveList” to your organization’s NoveList Select content. Simply email us at to have this feature configured.
  • If you are not a NoveList Select customer, NoveList will not be able to put this link in place in Polaris version 5.1. We recommend reaching out to your EBSCO Account Executive to discuss adding this feature using NoveList Select.