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What are NoveList's popularity ratings based on?

Popular titles are starred to indicate high demand.  Our popularity information is gathered from thousands of libraries and retail outlets nationwide and is based on ordering information received by Baker & Taylor.  Popularity for authors and series is based on the sum of the popularity ratings for all books by the author or in the series.

If a book meets the popularity criteria, a series of one to five stars will be displayed to indicate the popularity factor for that title.  When you sort a list by Popularity, items displaying the same number of stars are ranked accordingly within the list.  For example, the first title listed with five stars sold more copies across the nation than the second title in the list also with five stars.  You now have another way to answer the patron’s question, “Which titles in this list are the best ones?”

In addition to NoveList’s own popularity ratings, Goodreads reader ratings are also available for the titles in NoveList, along with a link to the reader reviews in Goodreads.  Goodreads information appears in NoveList by default.  If you do not want Goodreads to display in NoveList, you can request that we remove this information, by using the Feedback form in NoveList.