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Can NoveList be used in my school library?

NoveList wants to ensure that our content is a good fit for your school’s community. For school locations who are accessing NoveList and/or NoveList Plus, we apply a default filter that omits content that is inappropriate for a school environment, including content that contains explicit adult sexual situations. We recognize that not all students are the same age or level, so our expectation is that teachers and librarians will continue to help guide students to the titles that are right for them. NoveList’s goal is to provide a tool that aids in the process of matching each student to the books that are right for them.

We understand that this filter may not meet every school’s needs. If you would like us to disable this filter for your library and display all content (including links to Goodreads), please let us know. You can contact us using the Feedback link in NoveList or email us at