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Support - EBSCO Help

Welcome to the EBSCO Help Site!

We are pleased to introduce you to EBSCO Help! Replacing the previous EBSCO Support Site with a clean, modern design, features and changes of note are:

  • An improved search engine to locate content by keyword faster and more efficiently.
  • Create a downloadable PDF of any EBSCO Help article by clicking the PDF icon  found on the right of the page.
  • Browse content by customer type to narrow the product list down to only those most relevant to a given market. You can still view the full list of EBSCO products using the All Interfaces link near the bottom of the Home screen.
  • A custom expandable Table of Contents in left navigation for articles, when applicable.
  • Additional Recommended Articles appear at the bottom of every article and become more targeted as we learn and understand what information is most important to users.
  • If Alerts are active and available, they appear at the top of the Home screen.
  • The latest Support News item is displayed on the Home page below the search box.

Flyer Download: Tour of EBSCO Help