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LearningExpress moves to HTTPS for more secure browsing on August 10, 2017

At LearningExpress, we are committed to providing our customers and users with the most secure online connection possible to our products. On August 10, 2017, we will implement secure browsing using HTTP Secure (HTTPS) and SSL. This provides greater security than the current HTTP format. To learn more about SSL, visit

How will this change take place?

All LearningExpress URLs will be redirected from HTTP to HTTPS. The redirect will accommodate any existing links, so when an end user types HTTP or comes in via an existing HTTP link, they will be redirected seamlessly to HTTPs. LearningExpress customers will not need to update any of their existing links.

Is action required by LearningExpress customers?

Direct Access Customers

For most, this change will not require any additional effort. If you access LearningExpress without using a proxy, you can simply continue doing what you are doing.

Proxy Customers

For customers who use a proxy server, you will have to take steps to set up HTTPS/SSL, if it’s not already enabled. This will be required to continue to access LearningExpress product sites, including LearningExpress Library™, PrepSTEP™, Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success™, Computer Skills, or other customized sites.

To do this, customers will need their network administrators to obtain, install, and set up a security certificate:

  • To support multiple domain names this certificate should be a SAN certificate  
  • Our specific recommendation is that they use a wildcard certificate so that each separate domain does not need to be spelled out.

If you or your administrator do not know how to set up this security certificate, you should talk to your Proxy vendor.

EZproxy support

LearningExpress will test our implementation on EZproxy by OCLC. This is the only proxy on which we will test. EZproxy users will have to set up a security certificate on their end. OCLC has provided information on setting up SSL here:

Other Proxies

If you use a proxy other than EZproxy, you will need to talk to your vendor. All customers who use proxy or security software other than EZproxy will need to contact their proxy/security vendors for proper HTTPS/SSL support.

We are providing these changes to ensure secure online access for your users. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Support.