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LearningExpress New Look and Features

LearningExpress is pleased to announce we have created a new user interface with new features and functions for the LearningExpress platform.

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Information for End Users

Do I need to update my bookmark or get a new login?

No. The webpage URL remains the same as does your login information (ID/Password). Your MyCenter information has been retained, including saved tests, tutorials, eBooks, flashcards and other materials such as resumes and letters in Job & Career Accelerator.

What changes should I see?

The new homepage is noticeably sleeker and easier to navigate. The LearningExpress platform is new and improved, with a more prominent search box that allows you to search on the type of resources you want: practice tests, tutorials, eBooks and articles within the resource page.

Guidance pages are now within each topic and more relevant than ever offering assistance where it is needed; they are no longer in the top main page navigation.

New on the resources page are active filters for practice tests, tutorials, eBooks, articles and more.

Can I still find tests, tutorials and eBooks?

The clicks on a page needed to see the resources such as tests, tutorials, eBooks, flashcards or other materials have been reduced by more than 50 percent making it easier and faster to get to the subject matter that is needed. You can now access these directly from the home page. Click on the Center, desired category and sub-category to see the topics and resources available.

Information for Subscribing Institutions

Which LearningExpress products have changed?

The new user homepage, features and functionality have changed in LearningExpress Library™, PrepSTEP™ for High Schools, PrepSTEP™ for Community Colleges, PrepSTEP™ for Colleges and Universities, LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator™ and Computer Skills.

What exactly is different?

The new LearningExpress platform has a new look to the home page and allows users to access all LearningExpress products purchased by their providing institution — LearningExpress Library™, PrepSTEP™ and LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator™ — simultaneously from one home page.

Changes in look and function:

  • Institutions with more than one LearningExpress product can access all products from a single URL
  • Clean and simple new design to the homepage
  • Improved access to resources (tests, tutorials, eBooks, articles) and guidance pages
  • More recognizable naming conventions for centers, categories and subcategories
  • Improved navigation on home, center, category and sub-category pages
  • Prominent search box

The new interface allows users to:

  • Access all LearningExpress products simultaneously with the same email address
  • Access content with fewer clicks and without the carousel
  • Find and use a more prominent search box with new functionality for selecting resources
  • Read more easily on devices of all sizes with new responsive UI design
  • Navigate to all product resources from the home page
  • Take advantage of improved speed and performance, even on low internet bandwidths
Is any action required by LearningExpress customers?

No additional action is required. We do recommend, however, that you inform your users that the LearningExpress platform is new and improved, with a more prominent search box that allows them to search on the type of resources they want: practice tests, tutorials, eBooks and articles.

We have made these changes to ensure the best experience for your users. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Support.

What if my institution is using direct links? Do I need to update them?

No action is needed by subscribing institutions. Your homepage URL to LearningExpress remains the same as do all direct links currently in place. No need to change anything; all of your direct links should still work.

Will training be required?

The new platform is very intuitive and it is likely that neither your institution administrators or users will require training in order to access and use the LearningExpress Platform.

Administrators who missed the sneak peek training demonstrations of the new LearningExpress Library™, PrepSTEP™ and Job & Career Accelerator™ interfaces can view the recording.