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Coming Soon: New Explora Search Results Page

Later this year, EBSCO will release a new search results page for all of its Explora interfaces in an effort to improve the overall user experience for students, educators and public library patrons. The new search results layout will become the default view for Explora's Primary School, Secondary School, Public Library, Canadian and Australia-New Zealand interfaces, and will include the following:

  • Feature image and topic overview on right side of page, similar to what users see when they search Google or Wikipedia
  • Carousels of related images and Associated Press videos displayed in the "All" results list
  • Source type "Quick Links" allowing users to filter results by type of content (magazines, news, biographies, books, etc.)
  • Filter button that reveals a menu with additional options for refining results: Full Text, Publication Date, and Lexile Measure

We will keep you posted as to when these changes will take effect. In the meantime, view the screenshots below for a sneak peak at the new layouts.

Search results page with Topic Overview and source type "Quick Links" (click image for full page view):

Additional Filters:

PDF Full Text View (Note: Google Classroom and Google Drive buttons have moved to top of Tools Menu):

All Images View:


Image Detail: