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Nursing Reference Center - Result List

Nursing Reference Center (NRC) search results may include citations, full text, document summaries or abstracts, and may also include links to full text.                                            


  • If available, the default Result List tab is Quick Lessons. If Quick Lessons are not available for the terms searched, the All Results tab is displayed.

  • The default sort for the result list is by relevancy for all result list tabs, except News, which is sorted by date.

  • Each result is numbered, and the available formats for the article are displayed – HTML Full Text, PDF Full text, or Linked Full Text. Click the linked page numbers (or Next | Previous links) to move through the Result List.

  • Results are presented by source type. For example, if you want to view only the evidence-based care sheets that were found, click the Evidence-Based Care Sheets tab. Where a "Sort by" dropdown list is available, you can re-sort your results by date, relevance, etc.

  • You can change your Preferences settings (from the Utility Toolbar) to specify how many results per page should be displayed, and how much detail should be displayed for each result – title only; a brief citation; or a detailed citation of the article.

  • The article title is a hyperlink to the "best view" as selected by the library administrator – this could be the citation; a brief citation plus full text; a PDF file; or links to full text. To view a different format, click on any of the icons or links listed below the title.

  • For each result, the folder icon is displayed to the far right. If you want to collect several articles, click the Add folder icon for the article. To add all items on a page to your folder, click Add (1-10) at the top of the Add column. Result numbers to be added will change as you page through the list of results. As you add the articles to the folder, you can click the Folder link and review which items have been added.

Advanced Features
  • When a Result List is displayed, an Add search to folder icon appears to the right of your search string. You can add the query to the folder as a persistent link to a search.

  • From a Result List, you can click the Display link to search icon that appears at the end of the search string. The search query is displayed in a shaded area below the link. Highlight the link text and copy using your browser's copy function. You can then paste the link into a web site, document, or e-mail.

  • When the Create alert for this search link displays at the end of the search string, you can create an alert right from the Result List, even if you are not signed in to My NRC.

  • If you have signed into your personal account, any search results that you collect in your folder are automatically saved at the end of the session.