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Nursing Reference Center - Creating Custom Folders for Nursing Units

Nursing Reference Center (NRC) allows you to create custom folders for your nursing unit or department. Nurses, Nurse Managers, Education Coordinators and Nursing Faculty will find the Custom Folder feature especially useful for organizing frequently referenced documents about specific medical conditions. For example, you can create custom folders based on the specialty of your nursing unit ie: Orthopedics, Cardiovascular, MedSurg etc. Within each folder you can store as many documents as you need - such as patient education handouts, skills/procedures, quick lessons and journal articles.

To further group conditions or document types, you can create up to three levels of sub-folders within custom folders. Below is an example Custom Folders for a hospital Orthopedic unit.

Ortho4West (Nursing Unit)

Hip Arthroplasty (Custom Folder)

  • Skills/Competency Checklists (Sub-Folder)
    • Skills
    • Competency Checklists
  • Journal Articles
    • Article Names
  • CEU Modules
    • Module Names

To create custom folders and add items to them:

Click Sign In on the NRC home screen and then click the Create one now link to create a personal folder.

NRC sign in link

The department manager/designee can set up the Custom Folder for their unit or department. For departmental folders, you may wish to enter the department/unit name as the User Name. Then choose a Password. In the example below, the Username is Ortho4West and the Password has been created to meet the Strong password requirements . Consent to EBSCO's Personal Data Usage and Retention Policy and click Continue. Once the department folder is created, be sure to forward the User Name and Password to everyone in that department so they can gain access.

personal account screen

Any type of document from within NRC can be added to your Folder, which is located on the NRC Home Page. To add items to your Folder, simply type a keyword into the find field and click Search.

NRC search screen

The search results are displayed in the tabs across the top. Simply click on the desired tab to reveal the results, based on the type of document you desire, for example, Skills. Use the Narrow Results box on the left to further drill down your search. To add items to your Folder, click the Add button to the right of the search result. The Added notification indicates the items are now in your Folder.

NRC results - skills tab

To retrieve Full Text Journal Articles, click on the Journals tab, as seen below. The Journal default sort order (Date Newest) can be changed to Relevance using the drop down menu. Again, click the Add button to place articles into your Folder.

NRC results - sort by drop

Once items have been added to your Folder, they can be customized and organized. Click on Folder on the home page to open your folders. To name your Custom Folders, click New next to My Custom.

NRC - my custom folder link

Choose a Custom Folder name (ex: Hip Arthroplasty) and enter a description of items that will be placed into the folder. Then click Save on the bottom left.

NRC create custom folder

To create sub-folders under your custom folder, click New next to My Custom, choose a sub-folder name (ex: Skills/Competency Checklists) and move the sub-folder to one of your custom folders (ex: Hip Arthroplasty).

NRC - create sub-folder

Should you wish to create a more detailed Folder List, rather than simply moving documents into a folder, you can create several layers of sub-folders. By doing this, you are able to name each document, without having to click on Articles to find what you are searching for. For example: create a sub-folder (ex: Journal Articles) and move it to the custom folder (Hip Arthroplasty).

NRC - folder list

When documents are moved into custom or sub-folders, they appear as Articles, with the number of documents listed. Click on the Articles to open them.

NRC - "move to" folder option

Next, create a new sub-folder, using the name of the Journal Article (ex: Hip Restrictions/Avoid Dislocation).

NRC - move to sub-folder

The Folder List is now detailed and easy to navigate.

NRC - detailed folder list

For more help with the custom folders in Nursing Reference Center, contact EBSCO's Technical Support 24 hours a day:

Phone: 800-758-5995 (Outside U.S./Canada: (Int'l access code) + 800-3272-6000)
Support Site: