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Nursing Reference Center - Browsing Practice Resources

The Practice Resources tab in Nursing Reference Center (NRC) allows you to browse for information by the specific resource or guideline you require:

  • Research Instruments – The Research Instruments section allows you to browse for documents that contain data regarding individual research instruments. A research instrument is the form in which a group gathers and records information. This might include various types of questionnaires or other tests. Clicking a research instrument type displays a result list of multiple items.

  • Legal Cases – The Legal Cases section allows you to browse for documents about medical topics that reference legal cases or other aspects of the law. Clicking a subject displays a result list of one or more items.

  • Practice Guidelines – The Practice Guidelines section allows you to browse for National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC) documents. These documents provide objective evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and information about their development.

  • Featured Books – The Featured Books carousel allows you to browse through a list of monographs and drug entries in HTML versions of the following medical books by dragging the slider to the left or right:

    • Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses – The Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses section allows you to browse for drugs by name in order to access complete drug profile information. Features include:

      • Indications of “high alert” medications – those that have an increased risk for patient injury. Why a drug is assigned high alert status and what a nurse can do to ensure patient safety is included in the drug profile.

      • How to administer medication: dose, dilution, and rate.

      • Explanation of any clinical precautions.

      • Discussion of drugs that are commonly confused.

      • Information about how to educate patients for safe medication use in the home.

    • Davis's Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications  –  The Davis's Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implication section allows you to browse for monographs about laboratory and diagnostic tests and procedures according to their complete name. Each monograph is presented in a consistent format for easy identification of specific information at a glance. Features include:

      • Tables that indicate how all tests and procedures relate to each body system.

      • Overviews on the inter-relationship between various body systems.

      • Pre-test information includes reminders for the nurse regarding social and cultural considerations.

      • Intra-test information provides detailed information about the performance of the actual procedure.

      • Post-test information includes tips to help provide support for the patient’s emotional well-being as well as special counseling related to communicating test outcomes.

    • Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary – Information is presented using a unique cyclopedic format that offers much more than just definitions. This includes caution statements to help provide safe health care as well as disease entries that include symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Included are 56,000 easy-to-understand definitions, more than 8,400 terms, and 700 illustrations (over 500 in full color).

To use the Practice Resources tab:

  1. Access the NRC Home Page.

    Note: To access the NRC Home Page from any location in NRC, click the Nursing Reference Center logo or the Home link located at the top left of every NRC page.

  2. Click the Practice Resources tab. NRC displays the Practice Resources page.

    practice resources tab

  3. Click the applicable link to access a specific Practice Resources item.

  4. Use the controls and options on the individual Practice Resources page to locate your item of choice.

  5. Click the item name in the list to display the record detail.