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Nursing Reference Center - Browsing Patient Education

The Patient Education tab in Nursing Reference Center (NRC) provides a specific location to browse for evidence-based patient handouts. NRC contains over 4,000 patient handouts presented in a standardized, easy-to-read format. Most patient education documents are available in Spanish and many contain detailed medical illustrations.

All patient handouts display the date the content was last updated and includes the following standard sections: 

Definition Causes Risk Factors Symptoms
Diagnosis Treatment Prevention  

Each section is quickly accessible via an embedded HTML table of contents. If available, a Related Information box displaying links to other source types on the topic is also displayed.

patient education detail

You can use the NRC Customized Printouts feature to include customized patient-specific information to the handout. Custom fields include:

  • Patient Name
  • Healthcare Provider's Name
  • Institution Logo
  • Department
  • Who to Call
  • Notes

For more information, see the Customized Printouts online Help topic.

To use the Patient Education tab:

  1. Access the NRC Home Page.

    Note: To access the NRC Home Page from any location in NRC, click the Nursing Reference Center logo or the Home link located at the top left of every NRC page.

  2. Click the Patient Education tab. NRC displays the Patient Education page.

    patient education tab

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Enter the item name in the Browse for box and then click the Browse button.

      • If you know the exact name of the patient education item and how it is referenced in NRC, select the Alphabetical button.

      • If you are not sure how the patient education item is referenced NRC, or if you want to search for other related drugs, it is recommended that you select the Relevancy Ranked button.

    • Use the A-Z links to locate the patient education item via an alphabetical list.

  4. Click the item name in the list to display the record detail.


  • To display a Patient Handout in another available language from the Patient Education tab, hover your pointer over the multi-language icon and select the language of your choice.

  • Patient Education handouts in multiple languages will also appear in a Languages Available box from the English language detail record. Languages will appear in the order of the Consumer Health Information databases in your NRC with PERC profile.