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Nursing Reference Center - Browsing Drug Information

The Drug Information tab in Nursing Reference Center (NRC) provides a specific location to browse for detailed drug monographs included in Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses. Content includes profiles for over 4,600 drugs as well as comprehensive patient/family teaching and home care tips.

Entries on the Drug Information tab are listed by drug name and monograph name. This includes trade names, generic names, Canadian trade names, common names, abbreviations, and selected foreign names. For example:

Singulair   Use: Montelukast
Wycillin   Use: PENICILLINS
Japanese silver apricot   Use: Ginkgo

Clicking an entry in the list displays the complete monograph in HTML format. All drug monographs contains two major sections: Pharmacologic Profile and Nursing Implications. Each major section contains standard subsections as follows:  

Pharmacologic Profile Nursing Implications
Indications Assessment
Action Potential Nursing Diagnoses
Pharmacokinetics Implementation
Time-Action Profile Patient/Family Teaching
Contraindications and Precautions Evaluation/Desired Outcomes
Adverse Reactions and Side Effects  
Route and Dosage  

Each section in the drug monograph is quickly accessible via hyperlinks in an embedded table of contents. If available, a Related Information box displaying links to other source types on the drug is also displayed.

drug monograph detail

Drug monographs contained in Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses use the following formatting standards:

To use the Drug Information tab:

  1. Access the NRC Home Page.

    Note: To access the NRC Home Page from any location in NRC, click the Nursing Reference Center logo or the Home link located at the top left of every NRC page.  

  2. Click the Drug Information tab. NRC displays the Drug Information page.

    drug information tab

  3. Do one of the following:  

    • Enter the drug name in the Browse for box and then click the Browse button.  

      • If you know the exact name of the drug and how it is referenced in NRC, select the Alphabetical button.  

      • If you are not sure how the drug is referenced NRC, or if you want to search for other related drugs, it is recommended that you select the Relevancy Ranked button.  

    • Use the A-Z links to locate the drug via an alphabetical list.  

  4. Click the drug name in the list to display the drug record detail.