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In Nursing Reference Center, what are Nursing Process Limiters?

Nursing Process Limiters in Nursing Reference Center (NRC) are used to clarify a search in NRC. The Nursing Process Limiters mirror the common process followed by most nursing professionals when delivering care to patients. The NRC Editorial Team has indexed NRC data according to the Nursing Process allowing nurses to precisely search for information according to a specific stage of patient care. You can select one or multiple Nursing Process Limiters to rapidly target applicable content.

The Nursing Process Limiters are:

  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

To conduct a Basic Search from the NRC Home Page

  1. From the Home Page Search Screen, enter search terms in the Find field.

  2. To limit the search results to specific Nursing Process document types, select one or more of the Nursing Process Limiter Checkbox options.

  3. Click Search. NRC displays a Result List.

The search terms are retained in the Find field above the Result List. The Result List is sorted by "source type"--for example, Patient Education, Evidence-Based Care Sheets, Drugs, etc. To view a different source type, click the appropriate tab. When available, the default Result List tab is Quick Lessons. If Quick Lessons are not available for the terms searched, the All Results tab is displayed.

For in-depth information on NRC, see the Nursing Reference Center User Guide.