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Nursing Reference Center - Custom Department Folders for CEU Modules

This page details how to use Nursing Reference Center (NRC) custom department folders for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Modules.

To use Custom Folders to assign and complete CEU Modules:

  1. Type keyword, e.g., Hip Arthroplasty, into Find field on NRC home page, then click Search.

  2. Click on the CE Tab in the lower set of tabs.

  3. Narrow Results by Publication using the left column and chose CINAHL Nursing Guide.

    (This will show only the CE’s that are free.)

  4. Choose the CE’s you would like to assign, and click the corresponding Add button at the right.

    (This will add them to your Department Folder.)

  5. When nurses log into the department folder, they will see the CE’s. They may click on the link for the CE Module – see below:

    NRC folder

    This link takes them to CINAHL Education Page.

  6. They should scroll down to the bottom and sign in as themselves.

    In order for the nurse to get credit and obtain a certificate for completing the CE, they must ensure they are logged into the CINAHL Education page with their own user name and password.

    CINAHL CEU login screen

  7. If the nurse is a new user, they must log in under New User Enrollment. The Returning Enrollee section should be used from that point forward.

    new user or returning user enrollment

  8. The nurse should ensure that their name comes up next to Welcome. If not, they should use the click here link to sign in.

    CEU screenname

  9. Next, they click on CINAHL Plus/Nursing Reference Center. This will direct them to a list of specialties.

    select CINAHL/NRC

  10. The nurse will be directed right into the assigned CE Module.

    CE module

  11. The nurse should complete the course. They may elect to forward a copy of their certificate to their CE designee. Each nurse may set up this option in the Profile section of their CINAHL Education Page.

    To automatically notify the nurse educator or other designee when a CE has been completed, please enter the email address of that individual in the Nurse Educator (or Other Designee) field in the Profile section. Then, select the option Yes under the Notify Nurse Educator or Other Designee field. Finally, click the Update button at the bottom of the form to enable automatic notification.

    CE profile page/transcript link

    CE profile data preferences

For more help with the custom folders in Nursing Reference Center, contact EBSCO's Technical Support 24 hours a day:

Phone: 800-758-5995 (Outside U.S./Canada: (Int'l access code) + 800-3272-6000)
Support Site: