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Best Practices for Adoption of Nursing Reference Center with PERC

The keys to widespread adoption of Nursing Reference Center with Patient Education Reference Center by nurses and other professional staff are demonstrated support by nursing leadership and a clear plan for deployment. It is vital that users’ first experience with the database is a positive one and that its indispensability is quickly realized. We recommend:

  • Conducting a 20-30 minute meeting, to include nurse executives, nurse educators and other key stakeholders, to introduce Nursing Reference Center with PERC, discuss overall training objectives and the proposed timeline, and designate members of a roll out committee, if one is needed.
    Resource: Nurse Executive, Nurse Educators

  • Presenting the brief PowerPoint training guide sent in the New Customer Welcome email, to introduce the group to the features and use. This can be accomplished at the above meeting. If time is limited, it is best to forego the presentation and use the brochure, also contained in the New Customer package.
    Resource: Nurse Educator, EBSCO Biomedical staff

  • “Turning on” Nursing Reference Center with PERC and including it on an electronic resources page or intranet site. There should be easy and intuitive navigation which is consistent with other electronic resources.
    Resource: EBSCO RSM, EBSCO Technical Support, client internal help desk

  • Announcing its availability using email, newsletters, posters and brochures; or conducting drop-in sessions in high traffic areas, such as employee cafeterias or lounges. A high level of awareness drives early adoption.
    Resource: Nurse educator, EBSCO Biomedical Staff

  • Communicating how one accesses the database - one of EBSCO’s most important recommendations. Often nurses show great interest but cannot locate the URL or icon, becoming frustrated. Wallet-sized access cards for remote access are available in the Welcome Package, which can be disseminated or kept in key nursing areas. Announcing the availability of CEs without cost is a key component of acceptance.
    Resource: Nurse educator

  • Announcing formal training times and locations. Training is best accomplished in a classroom or computer lab setting, where hands-on practice is available. Web-based introduction/training for off-site campuses and clinics is also indicated. Regularly scheduled webinar or on site training sessions by EBSCO Biomedical staff are available and are encouraged. There is no fee and participants can register for any session(s).
    Resource: Nurse educator, nurse manager, EBSCO Biomedical staff

  • Holding Lunch & Learn sessions so that nurses can work through practice cases.
    Resource: medical librarians, EBSCO Biomedical staff

  • Making rounds in nursing areas to encourage and monitor usage, answer questions, and reinforce point-of-care and research capabilities, and solicit feedback. Practice case studies are included in the package.
    Resource: Nurse educators, nurse managers, EBSCO Biomedical Staff