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Literary Reference Center - Literary Glossary Search

Literary Reference Center includes the ability to search a Literary Glossary under the More link in the top toolbar of the interface.

To search the glossary:     

  1. Hover your pointer over the More link in the top toolbar and select the Glossary.


    The glossary is displayed.

  2. Enter a search term in the Browse for field and click Browse.


  3. Click on a term in the result list to view the details for a term.

  4. To return to the result list, click the Back link.


You can also select one or more results from the glossary and search Literary Reference Center for articles related to those terms.

To search for terms in the glossary result list:

  1. Check the box for the term or terms you would like to search.

  2. Click Search.

  3. Browse the result list for items of interest.

    Note: When you select multiple terms, they are joined in your search with "OR" to expand your results.