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Literary Reference Center - Browsing All Works

Literary Reference Center includes the ability to browse all works in the database. When browsing works, you can limit your search by:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Locale

To browse the most studied works:

  1. From the Home Page, click the Browse Works link in the top toolbar or the All Works link in the Browse box on the Home screen.

  2. The All Works list displays. If desired, select a category from the tabs above the Browse for field.
    Note: The default is Title.

  3. Click the A - Z links or Previous | Next links to browse through the list.
  4. To search by keyword(s), enter your search term(s) in the Browse for field. You can enter all or part of a search term.

  5. Select a radio button to browse alphabetically or by relevance to your terms.

    • Alphabetical: Find works beginning with the terms you entered. Results are displayed in alphabetical order

    • Relevancy Ranked: Find works most relevant to the terms you entered. Results are displayed with the most relevant at the top.

  6. Click Browse. A result list is displayed.


  7. Select an item in the result list to view the detailed record and full text, when available. From the detail record view, you can also print, e-mail, and save the work.