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What are Full-Text Classics?

Full-Text Classics in Literary Reference Center and Literary Reference Center Plus are full-text records of classic works. These are primarily Western culture traditional works written in the current century and previous centuries. They include chapter novels, poetry, short stories, and essays from a wide range of authors including: Jane Austen, Robert Louis Stevenson, William Shakespeare, Herman Melville, Henry David Thoreau, and many others. LRC includes the full text for hundreds of classic literary works.

To access Full-Text Classics:

  1. From the Home Page, click either the Browse All Works link or the Browse Most Studied Works link.
  2. Click the Select Type drop-down list box, select Full-Text Classics and then click the Go button. LRC displays the Full-Text Classic Works List displays.
  3. Enter your search terms in the Browse for field. You can enter all or part of a search term and then click Browse.
    • Use the A - Z links, or Next | Previous links to browse through the list.
    • Viewing works by Title is the default setting. Alternatively, you can use the Genre and Locale tabs to filter Full-Text Classic works by the categories on each tab. 
  4. Click on any of the entries to view the item details for the selected term.

Note: Depending on the item, Full-Text Classics items can appear in the Result List in one of three different ways. They are: 

  • Single entry - The entire Full-Text Classic literary work is accessible via one Result List entry. Clicking the Result List entry displays the entire literary work.
  • Single entry that displays a new Result List - Provides links to all chapters of the Full-Text Classic literary work via a single "master" Result List item. Clicking the master Result List item displays a new Result List that contains all chapters in the literary work. Clicking the individual entries in the master Result List displays the full text for the literary work one chapter at a time.
  • Multiple entries - Each chapter of the Full-Text Classic literary work is contained in independent Result List items. Clicking the individual items in the Result List displays the full text one chapter at a time.

Some of the classic chapter novels are very large files (for example, over 1,000 pages in length). Please be aware of this if emailing or printing these very long documents.