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Suggested Text for Promoting Job & Career Accelerator

Creating an A-to-Z list or using web buttons to promote your library resources? Place a Job & Career Accelerator web button with a direct link to the platform and a brief description in a prominent place on your website — your homepage, if possible — so your patrons will have easy access to these great resources.

You may wish to use this suggested text to describe your Job & Career Accelerator platform.

LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator

LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator
Get detailed information on more than 1,100 occupations. Find careers that match your skills and interests. Access millions of current job and internship postings.  Create professional resumes and cover letters, master interviewing and networking techniques, and more. Job & Career Accelerator is your guide to getting hired. What are you waiting for – get started now!

LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator
Whether you’re looking to find a new job in your current field or pursue a career in an exciting new industry, Job & Career Accelerator™ has the powerful tools and expert guidance to help you through every step of the process. Get started now!

Optional Add-On Centers

Computer Skills Center
Video courses are the fastest and easiest way to learn how to use a computer. Use the materials in this center to learn the basics of computers, from searching the Internet to using popular programs for word processing, creating spreadsheets and databases, implementing design, and more. Skill level goes beyond basic to advanced.