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Creating direct links to EBSCO LearningExpress resources from your website

Create direct links to popular LearningExpress resources and place them on your website. You can select the areas that are most important to your users. Examples include job and career resources, college entrance test preparation, resources for Spanish speakers and homework help for students. Create a direct link to any individual center that you want to promote.

In order to create a direct link to a Center, you will need three parts:

  1. The base URL, which is
  2. The Center name
  3. The custom authentication token for your institution/library. This will be part of the URL that was sent to you for your EBSCO LearningExpress site and will look like this: ?AuthToken=A12345B6-CD78-9012-34E5-F12345G678H9. Note: Do not use this exact token, it is only an example.

Once you have located your custom Authentication Token, please follow the steps below for creating direct links:

  1. Get the base URL:
  2. Get the Center name.

    From your EBSCO LearningExpress homepage, click on the image of the Center for which you want to create a direct link (in this example, Career Preparation).


    Click on the first category link (in this example, Learn More About a Career). You will be taken to that Center and the catalog page for that category will open.

  3. Within the URL, locate and copy only the center name, in this case it is "career-center." (Note: The URL will include up to the category level, but you need only the center name. The center name in the URL and the center name displayed in the LearningExpress product may not be a direct match. In this example, the center in the URL is "career-center," but the actual center name in the product is Career Preparation. Please use "career-center." If in doubt, refer to the following image for direction or contact Customer Support.)

  4. Append the Center URL with your custom Authentication Token using the formula:

    BASE/ + CENTER NAME + ?AuthToken + career-center + ?AuthToken=A12345B6-CD78-9012-34E5-F12345G678H9

    So, in this case, our sample URL would be...

    (Note: This is just an example of how to create the URL, please do not copy this because you need to include your institution’s valid Authentication Token.

    Follow the steps above to construct your custom URL. If you do not know your Authentication Token, please contact Customer Support.
  5. Place the link in the desired location on your website. We recommend that you create an alias for the link using the Center name or by using a web button with short descriptive copy. Find additional online resources here.

If you require further assistance, please contact Customer Support.