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Taking Comprehension Tests in Leadership & Management Learning Center

If made available by your organization, Leadership & Management Learning Center (LMLC) includes more than 1,000 multiple-choice comprehension tests that correspond with top Business Book Summaries and articles within EBSCO’s Learning Sources. Each test consists of 5-10 multiple choice questions on a specific article or summary. Tests are scored instantly and can be retaken to reinforce learning.

To take a Comprehension Test:

  1. From the Home Screen, click a competency you would like to learn more about.

    competency tests

  2. A Result List of articles, books, etc. related to your competency is displayed. Click on a title to read the full text of an item.

    competency tests

  3. When a comprehension test is available, you will see a Comprehension Test link in the column on the left. Click the link after you have finished reading to open the test.

    Note: The Comprehension Test link is also available on the Detailed Record for your article.

    competency tests

  4. The comprehension test opens in the new window. Click Begin Test to take the test.

    click to begin test

  5. When you answer a question, LMLC provides feedback on your answer before advancing to the next question.

    incorrect answer indicator
    correct answer indicator

  6. When you are finished, you are presented your score. Click Retake Test if you would like to retake the test to achieve a better score.

    retake test button

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