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Isabel Help Sheet

What is Isabel?

Isabel is a diagnosis checklist tool which helps clinicians broaden their differential diagnosis and recognize a disease at the point of care. Isabel includes more than 6,000 disease presentations by multiple signs and symptoms. The web-based Isabel tool uses the patient's demographics and clinical features to produce a list of possible diagnoses, including time-sensitive "Don't Miss Diagnoses.”

How does Isabel work?

Users enter clinical features including age, gender and symptoms and a result list is presented in order of likelihood of a match to specific conditions. Customers who also subscribe to DynaMed can search DynaMed content directly from the Isabel homepage.

Isabel Search

How does Isabel integrate with DynaMed?

When integrated with DynaMed, results will link directly to relevant DynaMed topics. If not integrated with DynaMed or there is no relevant DynaMed topic available, the links will go to PubMed.

Isabel Integrated with DynaMed