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How can I set up a direct link to Home Improvement Reference Center?

URL parameters can be used to enable direct links from an external web page to the Home Improvement Reference Center™ (HIRC) Home Page. A sample URL is:

The URL can be modified for other login pages, for example:

  • login.aspx?site=hirc&authtype=custuid&custid={CustomerID}
  • login.aspx?site=hirc&authtype=uid
  • login.aspx?site=hirc&authtype=cpid&custid={CustomerID}
  • login.aspx?site=hirc&authtype=url,uid

If you would like your users to bypass the Select Service Screen and go directly to a specific EBSCO interface, you should pass the profile parameter on your URL. For example, to reach the Home Improvement Reference Center Home Page, use this URL:,uid&profile=hirc