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Is there a way to search Home Improvement Reference Center for only magazine content?

Yes, there are a few ways to search specifically for magazine/periodical content in Home Improvement Reference Center (HIRC).

  • Perform a Basic Search and then use the Source Type filter on the left-hand side of the Result List screen to limit your results to periodicals only.
  • Access the Advanced Search Screen and under Search Options, limit your results by selecting "Periodical" from the Publication Type menu.  Enter search term(s) into the search box and then click Search. HIRC returns a Result List of periodical / magazine items.
  • Access the Advanced Search Screen and click the Publications link. Use the A-Z list or the Browse For field to locate a specific periodical or magazine name. Click that publication name and then use the options on the Publication Details Screen to either perform a search within the publication, or browse all content in a specific issue of the publication.