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What type of content can I find when I browse by category versus perform a keyword search?

The full set of home improvement titles available in Home Improvement Reference Center (HIRC) come from Quayside Publishing. This represents dozens of manuals covering thousands of repairs in the areas of outdoor projects, electrical projects, remodeling projects, plumbing projects, wood projects, decorating projects and maintenance.

When browsing HIRC by category, you will access only articles from Quayside Publishing Home Repair manuals. The Browse by Category feature (accessible from the HIRC Home Page) allows researchers to walk through categories of projects to locate a specific project topic.

You can enter a search term or terms in the search box (Basic Search or Advanced Search) to access all HIRC content (manuals, books, and periodical articles). On the Result List screen, you can narrow your results further by using the Source Type filter, which appears in the left-hand column.