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What does "evidence-based" mean and how does it apply to Health Library?

"Evidence-based" is a term that is often used to describe medically-related reference resources. Unfortunately, it is often used indiscriminately and without merit.

For a clinical reference resource to truly be called evidence-based, conclusions must be based on the best available evidence. Conclusions can be based on the best available evidence only if the evidence is consistently and systematically identified, evaluated and selected.

In addition to being reviewed and updated on an annual basis by the EBSCO Medical Review Board, Health Library content is periodically updated using DynaMed Literature Surveillance. The DynaMed Editorial Team performs a weekly literature surveillance of 500 journals and generates reports on the most significant research. The Health Library Editorial Team reviews the reports each week and updates all applicable fact sheets affected by these reports. This ensures that content in Health Library captures both significant and current research being conducted in medicine today.