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Why is my title search not displaying a Publication Exact Match record at the top of my results list?

When conducting a search in EBSCO Discovery Service, or Full Text Finder, the exact match feature will display a title at the top of the search results if EBSCO finds a unique exact match in your holdings for the title. 

If multiple publication records match the search terms then no exact match record will display.   Note, this also applies to publications that share alternative titles, as well as custom titles that may have been added to your holdings.  You can verify any conflicts with the title name by viewing the Detailed Record for the publication which will show all of the alternative, or previous titles, for a publication record. 

If a custom resource creates a situation by which there are two holdings by the same name (thus non-unique) you can adjust your holdings in EBSCOadmin by removing the custom title, locating the managed title and clicking add to custom package.