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How do I update my existing URLs for Full Text Finder?

What link do I use for direct access to the Publication Finder feature?

If you have a proxy server you can pre-pend the URL with your proxy information.  Keep in mind you will need to set up your Proxy Server in EBSCOadmin.

If you are using another authentication, such as username/password, CPID, etc., that was configured in EBSCOadmin you can modify the URL. You may find the following FAQ helpful: What authentication methods are available for accessing EBSCO interfaces?

The Following URLs can be used to access Publication Finder as a guest, once guest access has been enabled for your profile. See the following FAQ for more information: What is guest access and how do I configure it for users?

How do I link from a specific source to Full Text Finder?

You need to activate Full Text Finder with each of your sources— the online databases or services where your users will begin their searches to find your resources. Unfortunately, these third-party vendors will not allow EBSCO to set up Full Text Finder with them on your behalf due to privacy concerns. The following FAQ offers turn-key activation for specific sources: Linking from a specific source to Full Text Finder

What is the Base URL and the logo for Full Text Finder?

Most Sources will ask for your BaseURL and the Full Text Finder logo. For your reference, we have listed the URLs below: