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Full Text Finder - General FAQs

What is Full Text Finder?

Full Text Finder is a next generation knowledge base, holdings management tool, a state-of-the-art publication search service, and a fully functional link resolver. It provides your institution’s end users with a single, easy-to-navigate browsing and searching interface for all electronic resources in your collection.

Built-in administrative tools allow for customization of your knowledge base, including extensive branding options to match the colors and style of your institution's web site. The comprehensive EBSCO Integrated knowledge base provides links and coverage information from hundreds of thousands of unique titles in over several thousand databases and e-journal packages. Resources from the Knowledge Base can be added through a few simple clicks via Holdings Management available through EBSCOadmin. And because EBSCO manages the knowledge base and ensures its accuracy, you save valuable staff time.

What titles are included in Full Text Finder?

EBSCO has created a comprehensive knowledge base providing links and coverage information from hundreds of thousands of unique titles within databases and e-journal packages. In addition, individual (non-packaged) e-journals purchased through EBSCO can be automatically added and updated in Full Text Finder.

Customers may also add custom titles not available in EBSCO's knowledge base (such as print subscriptions).

How do I add EBSCO subscriptions to my Full Text Finder list? How long does it take to see them online?

Titles available via EBSCO subscriptions (databases, eJournals, or eBooks) are automatically added to your Full Text Finder profile.

New orders or subscriptions from EBSCO are added each night and available within 24 hours.

Can I add my print titles, websites, e-books, or other information to my knowledge base in Full Text Finder?

Yes, you may add any title from your collection to your list via the Upload feature or by adding individual titles using Create a Custom Resource. Titles added that are not listed in the master knowledge base are considered custom resources and are not managed by EBSCO. Any updates to the coverage, URLs, etc. of these titles must be maintained by the administrator.