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What is KBART? Does EBSCO endorse the KBART initiative?

Knowledge Base and Related Tools (KBART) is a joint initiative that is exploring data problems within the OpenURL supply chain. Commissioned by NISO and UKSG, the KBART Working Group has established guidelines for the timely exchange of metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers.

As a knowledge base provider, EBSCO officially endorses the KBART Recommended Practice and is committed to ongoing support of the KBART initiative. This endorsement confirms EBSCO’s commitment to the KBART guidelines and the ability of the EBSCO Integrated Knowledge Base to accept KBART-compliant files from content providers.

The EBSCO Integrated Knowledge Base serves as the foundation for a number of EBSCO products, including Full Text Finder and EBSCO's MARC Updates service.

For more information on KBART, please visit or