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Selecting a Root Proxy Setting

You can give users access to various sources by prepending, appending, or embedding your proxy URL into your EBSCO resource links.

Note: If you are not sure how your proxy URL is constructed, contact your IT Department.

Create/Edit a Proxy Server

For information on how to create or edit a Proxy in EBSCOadmin, see Set Up Proxy Definition.

Note: After creating a proxy, you must set the proxy as the Primary Proxy for Persistent Links on the Linking sub-tab.

Designate a Default Proxy Server
  1. Click the Root Proxy Setting link in the Quick Actions menu on the Overview sub-tab.

  2. Select an available server from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Continue with Selection.

Assign Titles to a Proxy Server

You can assign Proxy Servers to all titles in your collection, all titles from a vendor, all titles in a given package, or to individual titles.

Proxy servers assigned at lower levels, such as the title or package level, take precedence over proxy assignments made at the vendor or collection root levels. This can be done from the Titles, Packages, and Vendors sub-tabs.