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Uploading Files to Holdings Management - Resolving Ambiguous Matches

When a site administrator uploads a file to Holdings Management, EBSCO attempts to match the contents via available metadata such as an ID number (items that were previously uploaded/downloaded), or commonly found fields such as Publication Name or ISSN/ISBN.

When multiple matches are found in the EBSCO Knowledge Base, a row is added to the holdings upload error file. For these instances, administrators have access to a new user interface for resolving unknown or ambiguous matches contained in an uploaded file.

After a file is uploaded, administrators with the Holdings Matching role set to "Write" in EBSCOadmin will see the Matching column, as well as the Ambiguous Matches to Resolve link.

Ambiguously Matched Titles

To resolve matches:

  1. Click the Ambiguous Matches to Resolve link in the Matching column.

    Ambiguous Matches Link

  2. From the Holdings Upload Details page, click View/Work Ambiguously Matched Titles link.

    View/Work   Ambigulously Matched titles

    Note: You can click Export to generate an export of all titles in the Matching Titles page for this upload along with their current matching status.

  3. Click a title to view the details and match the item.

    Click the Export button to export a list of only ambiguously matched titles or select titles to ignore and click the Ignore Selected button.

    Select a title to match

  4. On the Uploaded Title Details screen, you can select one of the potential matches listed that match your title and click the Select Match button.

    If your titles were uploaded with "CreateCustom = Y" in the file, you can click the Create Custom button to create a new custom title if none of the potential matches seem like your title.

    Select Match or Create a Custom Title

Ignored Titles

When performing an upload, titles that are ignored are neither matched nor created as custom. Because Holdings Management does not remember titles that are ignored, if you upload these titles again in the future, you'll have to ignore them again, if desired. However, you can create an export from the Matching screen and use the downloaded file to strip future upload files of the ignored titles.

To view ignored titles:

  1. Click the Ambiguous Matches to Resolve link in the Matching column.

  2. From the Holdings Upload Details page, click the View Ignored Titles link.

    View Ignored Titles link
  3. From the Ignored Titles page, you can select from the list of ignored titles and click the Remove from Ignored button to remove them from the list.

    Remove Ignored Titles

Exports from the Matching feature contain records that were ambiguously matched after upload. They do not include all records from your initial upload.

For each title included in the export, the original upload data and the title match status (Unmatched (ambiguous), Ignored, etc.) are listed. The export file can be modified and re-uploaded, if desired.

Exports, when generated, are displayed on the All Downloads page and are only accessible by administrators that have Holdings Matching role available to them.

Ambiguously Matched Titles export

Completing and Closing Matching

Matching is only possible for the most recent upload with ambiguous matches. This means that matching for Holdings File A is automatically closed when Holdings File B is uploaded (assuming it contains ambiguously matched titles).

An upload is completed when all ambiguously matched resources are resolved (matched, ignored or created as custom).

If matching for a file is closed while matching is still in progress, please do not re-upload the original holdings file. The feature does not remember which titles were matched and how. So, if you re-upload the original file, you’ll have to re-match the previously matched titles. To avoid this, please create an export from the Matching screen and then re-upload only the items from that export with Matching Status of “Unmatched (ambiguous)”.