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Publication Finder Report

The Holdings Management Publication Finder Report in EBSCOadmin allows you to analyze specific usage statistics that highlight how your end users are using Publication Finder and your resources.

To run a Publication Finder Report:

  1. Click the Reports & Statistics tab in the top menu of EBSCOadmin.

  2. Click the Full Text Finder Reports link under Full Text Finder.

  3. Click the Publication Finder Reports tab.

  4. Select a Report Type from the drop-down menu. Available reports are:

    • Link Out by Resource - A listing of the individual resources (serials, journals, books) that were accessed over the specified time period, regardless of the links (or articles) selected within that resource.

    • Link Out by Package - Lists the packages (aggregations) accessed by users. This report may help you with collection development by determining which packages are used most and least frequently.

    • Link Out by Package and Resource - Lists the individual resource accessed by a user, and the package in which the resource is located.

    • Link Out by Publisher - Displays the publisher name for the resources accessed by users over the selected time period.

    • Link Out by Vendor - The report returns the vendor name for the resources accessed during the selected time period.

  5. Select a Reporting Period for your report from the drop-down menus.

  6. Click Create Report for Download.

    The report is generated and the Download Reports tab is displayed.

  7. Once the download has been created, click the Download link for your report.

  8. Select to Open or Save the report.


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