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Match Custom Titles to EBSCO's Holdings Management Knowledge Base

What Does This Do?

The “Match Custom Titles to EBSCO’s Knowledge Base” feature will attempt to match and convert your custom titles (in custom packages) into corresponding managed titles (still in the same custom packages).

When custom titles are converted to managed ones, customizations to the following data elements are retained:

  • URL
  • Coverage Dates
  • Coverage Display
  • Custom Embargo

Please note: The "Match Custom Titles" feature will only be displayed to administrators with write access to the Holdings Matching role in EBSCOadmin Security.

Why Should I Do It?

EBSCO products work best when custom titles are tied to the Global Knowledge Base. For example:

  • My titles can be supplemented with EBSCO’s authoritative title-level metadata (e.g. Publisher, Authors etc.) which will be automatically updated by the EBSCO Knowledge Base team when/if things change.
  • Publication Finder will consolidate all links under the managed entry (otherwise the title is repeated).
  • I can consolidate usage if loading ILL, DocDel or other usage stats for custom resources.
What Should I Expect?

Once you have initiated the matching process, it will queue up behind any holdings uploads that may be in progress for your account. Once the matching process is completed, you will see a row displaying in the Upload/Download Status section of the Overview page.

It is not unlikely that there will be “errors”. These “errors” represent custom titles that the system was unable to convert to managed ones. There are 3 reasons why a custom title might not be convertible:

  1. No match was found.
  2. More than one possible match was found and the system couldn’t determine which one to select.
  3. A match was found, but that matched, managed title was already selected in the custom package.  In these cases, the custom title is not converted, as the system cannot determine which customizations should take precedent. In this scenario:
    a. The managed title is not modified.
    b.The custom title remains in the package.

Click the "CustomTitleMatch-results-error.txt" link to open the error file. Here you can review the titles that weren’t converted along with details on potential matches, if applicable.

Matching Statistics

Clicking the “Title Matching Statistics” link under Upload/Download Status will open the Matching Statistics. Here you can view some key metrics:

Custom Titles (Unique)

Total Processed - The number of unique custom titles in your holdings. If a custom title appears in more than one package, it is counted only once. This number should match the number of “Custom” titles displaying on the Overview page before the matching process is run.

Custom Titles Occurrences – Title Occurrences are title instances in packages.  If a title appears in 3 packages, it would have 3 “occurrences”.

Total Matched - The number of custom title occurrences for which at least one match was found.  Not all of these will be converted.  See the ‘What Should I Expect’ section for more details on why.

Total Matched and Converted – The number of title occurrences that were able to be converted to managed titles.  
Please note: the number of “Managed” titles displaying on the Overview page will not necessarily increase by this number after the matching process is completed.  This is because the “Managed” number displaying on Overview represents the number of unique managed titles in your holdings.  Very often, your custom titles will convert to managed titles that were already selected in a different package in your holdings (meaning the number of unique managed titles in your holdings will not increase).

Total Not Converted – The number of matched custom title occurrences that were not converted during the matching process.  This number will equal the Total Matched minus the Total Matched and Converted.  
Please note: this will not necessarily match the number of “Custom” titles displaying on the Overview page after the matching process is completed.  This is because the total not converted counts title/package combinations while the overview page displays unique titles.